Top 5 Curb Appeal Mistakes that Home Sellers Make

Curb Appeal in Mechanicsburg

Curb appeal can sell a home as much as the features of the inside of the home. If your home looks untidy, cluttered, or downright ugly from the exterior, you can expect a much smaller audience and sales price than you would have if you worked on the exterior of the home before putting it on the market. Do not commit the top five mistakes that homeowners make that kill their curb appeal and scare away potential buyers.

Over Clutter the Area

Your home should look spacious both inside and out. This means that cluttering up the yard with lawn ornaments, kids’ toys, a tremendous amount of flowers or bushes, or porch furniture will only scare people away. They want to be able to envision what they could do with the yard, which is impossible with a lot of clutter in the way. Just as you should make the interior as simple as possible, the exterior should be tastefully and minimally decorated, allowing the imagination of the potential buyers to soar.

Skipping a Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the exterior of your home. If it is not within your budget to paint the entire home, consider painting the trim and shutters, at the very least. This will give the home a fresher appearance, making people want to see what is inside. Fresh paint gives the vibe that the home is kept up and in good shape, making potential buyers intrigued about what is inside.

Avoiding new Lighting

Lighting can have as large of an impact on your home as paint. If your home looks dark and dreary at night, buyers are not likely to call for an appointment to come inside. They want your home to look cheery and inviting around the clock. The well versed home buyer will definitely stroll the block during different times of day, which is why investing in good lighting is worth it. This is especially important if the lighting fixtures are outdated and drag the appearance of the home down.

Neglecting the Yard Work

Selling a home can seem like a lot of hard work, but skimping on things like mowing the lawn or pulling the weeds can cost you a sale. Take the time to perfectly manicure your lawn, with a fresh mow several times a week and stay on top of the weeds. If you have flowers, make sure they are well cared for and look cheery rather than dreary for your visitors.

Leaving Cracks in the Driveway

The driveway may seem like an inconsequential need for home buyers, but it sets the tone for that first impression. If your driveway looks as if it has not been kept up, it will make buyers wonder what the interior looks like and what is lacking in there. If you have neglected the driveway, now is the time to have the cracks fixed and the asphalt sealed to give your home a fresh look for passerby.

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