Perfect your Curb Appeal to Sell Your Home Quickly

curb appeal to sell your home

We say not to judge a book by its cover, but potential buyers will judge your house by its curb appeal — like it or not.

Real-estate experts agree: Curb appeal can make or break a sale. A potential buyer might not give the inside of your home a chance, even if the price is perfect, if their first impression puts them off.

The great news if you can leverage this to your benefit. Improve your curb appeal and you instantly improve the perceived value of your property. Here are some easy and inexpensive ways to improve your home’s curb appeal and improve your chances of selling the property quickly.

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1. Make it sparkle. Get out the power-washer and leaf-blower. Clean the windows. Don’t leave a single spider web in view. Polish the door hardware and clean the front door. Make sure the blinds and windows look in order from the front yard. This might seem obvious; I mean, you swept and vacuumed the interior, right? But too many sellers forget this crucial detail, and leave their front porch looking dusty and unloved.

2. Add some color and life. If your plants and flowers are wilting, replace them with dramatic tropical plants in containers. You can find container plants for cheap at any home improvement store, and even though they are not a permanent fixture of the home, you can strategically place them to bring the buyer’s eyes to unique architectural details of your home — and use them to draw attention from other, less-desirable details.

Note: Avoid fake flowers outside. They look cheap and don’t hold up well in the sun and elements.

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3. Add mulch. It’s so simple and relatively cheap, but a fresh sprinkle of mulch in your garden beds and in strategic locations around your yard adds color and a finishing touch.

4. Trim and groom all plants and trees. Pull all weeds.

5. Get a new, colorful, clean door mat or rug. Or at least thoroughly clean your old one.

6. Don’t forget nighttime. Make sure your house has beautiful lighting at night, too. Can you stick a few solar-powered lights in the grass, to light up the walkway? Maybe a spotlight on your favorite landscaping feature? Many buyers drive by a house at night, too, to see what it looks like and get an idea about the safety of an area. Take advantage of this and put on your home’s best show 24/7.

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