Paint Colors That Sell!


It’s well known that paint is the least expensive way to make a dramatic difference in the aesthetic and value of your home.

And white walls are just so — yawn. Not to mention sterile and cold.

If you recently bought a house or are looking to revamp an old one, you are probably looking at painting the walls. But unless you plan on living there forever — or want to do another major paint job in the future — you also want to think about how the wall colors you pick will affect your ability to rent or sell the property in the future.

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It’s a myth that only whitewashed walls are good for resale.

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A good neutral wall can make the space feel so much more cozy, but also go with any decor that potential new residents may bring in. Plus, nicely painted walls can be a good selling point for buyers who don’t want to have to dish out the couple thousand bucks for a paint job.

Here are a few ways to pick the perfect neutral paint color for your home’s walls.

1. Get a professional opinion. One minute in the paint aisle at Home Depot and you’ll realize “simply” picking a neutral paint is not that simple. A professional painter can give advice about brands (tip: more expensive brands, such as Benjamin Moore, may be cheaper in the long run if they require fewer coats), colors, sheens, primers and more. Even if you prefer to do the work yourself to save money, it’s a good idea to get expert advice on a project this big.

2. Let home decor websites and apps guide and inspire you. One great free option is Sherwin Williams’ Chip It program (). Upload a picture of your room, the focal piece of artwork or even a photo of a room you like in another house, and the program will select five complimentary paint colors that would work in that room. It removes the guesswork and saves you a ton of time.

Benjamin Moore also offers a “personal color viewer” to help you pick the right color.

Or download an app for your smartphone. The Benjamin Moore Color Capture app is free. Snap a picture of your granite, a new painting or your bedspread and the app will give you the right match. Explore color combos, browse the catalogue and share your ideas with social media.

The Sherwin-Williams free app equivalent is called ColorSnap.

3. Pick flat, muted earth tones for your living room. This means shades of brown, tan, blue and some reds and oranges. Go with darker earth tones, such as coffee or espresso, to soften up a smaller room, like a bathroom.

4. If you want to pick a more adventurous color, keep it in the bathroom. People tend to have more acceptance of funky decor there.

5. Also consider grey as a neutral. Greys continue to grow in popularity, as a substitute for tan. Or better yet: greige. That would be the shade that falls somewhere between grey and beige.

6. Mix different shades of brown to add depth and interest to a room. Go with a lighter brown on the walls, but consider adding a darker accent wall or highlight architectural features with different variations of brown.

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