Maximize Your Home’s Value With Great Curb Appeal

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Good curb appeal doesn’t curb appeal, it increases it.

When you list your home for sale, you’re competing with similar homes for the attention of buyers who fall in your price bracket. That attention can be hard to capture – buyers are like kids in Chuck E Cheese’s, tons of games with flashing lights and exciting sounds promise so much fun that even they don’t know where to start. After the initial euphoric shock wears off they’ll eventually choose a game, and it’s usually not the dusty old Pac Man in the corner.

In this grown-up version of Chuck-E-Cheese’s, you don’t want to be the dusty old Pac Man. First impressions are extremely important and can make the difference between multiple showings, multiple offers, higher prices and a faster sale. Curb appeal is an important component of that first impression, and well worth your attention. These tips will help you boost your curb appeal and win half the listing battle – creating interest and booking showings.

1. Mow the lawn, edge the sidewalks, and trim the bushes.

Little landscaping touch ups are the sorts of things that buyers don’t immediately recognize; but unruly lawns and weedy sidewalks definitely are noticeable, in a bad way.

2. Paint your front door a bright color to make it pop.

Vivid colors are more warm and inviting than neutral tones, and catch the buyer’s eye better. Most houses are earthy tones and having a saturated color on your front door helps create the contrast you need to stand out.

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3. Buy new address numbers if yours are old or faded.

The address is probably the first thing someone will see, especially if they’re looking for it. You might consider mounting the address in a different spot too if it’s hard to find when passing by. There are loads of different styles and finishes to choose from, you could even get a matching mailbox or mat.

4. Know whether to clean it, repair it, or replace it.

Take a look at the front of your house with objective eyes, as if you were a buyer. What stands out to you? Usually it’s something broken or dirty that you never really noticed before. Things like dingy siding takes a little elbow grease to improve, other problems like a sagging gutter might need to be replaced. These little imperfections are easy to miss when you see them every day – in fact they might be what makes home feel like home – but to a buyer they can stand out as reasons not to schedule a showing.

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5. Buy your home some flowers!

Add some potted plants or hanging flower boxes to splash some color out front. You don’t have to have a green thumb to make this work, just pick up a few mature plants and arrange them where you like.

6. Use outdoor lighting to showcase your home.

Small spotlights in the right spots can make your home more attractive and inviting. Lights lining walkways or highlighting garden features are also great ways to create some visual interest.

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7. Perhaps most importantly:

Take good photos. More and more these days home buyers are searching for homes for sale online so the first showing happens online, and if you’re listing photos don’t stand out against your competition, you might not even get to use these other tips because your photos didn’t entice them to visit.

When your home looks good at a glance it’ll pique more buyers’ interest, meaning more showings and more offers, which in turn can result in a faster sale. Whether your home makes it on a buyer’s short list or not comes down to their first impression, so it’s very important that you make it a good one.

The small amount of time or money invested in these areas is definitely worth the positive impact it will have on your listing.

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