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Home Inspection

Today’s emerging sellers’ market is creating a world of competitive bidding, and buyers are often tempted to make their bid as attractive as possible to the seller. Oftentimes, this results in the buyer agreeing to skip the home inspection in exchange for the seller accepting their bid. For a seller, this is the optimal situation as there is nothing standing in their way of selling the home exactly as it is, flaws and all. For the buyer, however, this can be a grave mistake. It could lead to serious repair cost and buyer’s remorse down the road. If you have ever considered not paying for a home inspection, here are the reasons you should change your mind.

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What is a Home Inspection

It is important to understand what a home inspection is, before discussing why you definitely need one. A home inspection is a visual non-invasive inspection of the home’s main systems and mechanical. Since when preforming a home inspection you don’t typically own the property a home inspector is unable to look behind walls or under permanently attached flooring. He can inspection the type and condition of electrical and plumbing systems where they are visually present. Ideally a home inspector will have experience in residential construction and remodeling to combine with specialized home inspection training.

Home Inspections Help Provide Ease of Mind

It is much easier to purchase a home knowing that certain aspects of it are in good or stable condition. Things like the roof, plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling can become a real headache upon moving in if they are not functioning properly. Sometimes, however, these issues do not arise right away. With a proper inspection, you should know what the status of each of the important items in the house are and if they should be negotiated into the contract in order to ensure the stability and proper quality that you desire.

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Home Inspections Help to Negotiate Repairs

If you forego the home inspection, you will not have much of a say when it comes to having repairs completed before you close on the purchase of the home. Yes, you can tell a seller that you noticed several shingles missing or that there was a water stain on the ceiling, but legally there is not much that is requiring the seller to fix these problems if a professional did not inspect them. It is much easier to have the inspection performed and the negotiations to take place or for a contingency to be placed on the contract awaiting the results of the inspection. If you want to negotiate the repairs into the contract or back out of the sale altogether, your Realtor can help you with this step, but only with the inspection report.

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Home Inspections Help You To Plan For Future Requirements

No one can predict the future, but a professional inspector can help you determine what work may need to be done on the home in the next few years. He can estimate the age of the roof and its stability; tell you about the status of the plumbing and electrical; and let you know of any problems he sees within other areas of the home. The problems he finds may not be severe as of right now, nor require an immediate fix, but he could point out the warning signs of what is about to happen, allowing you to budget for future expenses down the road.

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The home inspection is the buyer’s greatest protection against purchasing a home that is in poor condition yet looks appealing both inside and out. This step should not be skipped as it could put your financial stability and the integrity of your future home at risk. The time, money, and negotiations that go into the home inspection are well worth the effort they require in the end!

Who should you call for a home inspection? If your new home is in Central Pennsylvania we’d recommend The Virtus Group and Alpha Home Inspections as two fantastic options. Both companies offer professional and thorough service.

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