What Central Pa Home Buyers want

Balancing What PA Home Sellers Have Versus What Home Buyers Want In spite of a fabulous array of new home search apps, and online home value tools, Central PA buyers and sellers still often seem to have a big gap to bridge, or at least a lot of navigating to do in order to find the right match. So how can more quality connections be made to facilitate a more efficient and profitable process in buying and selling homes in … Read More


Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania is a great place to live. With great shopping, dining and schools more and more home buyers are finding Mechanicsburg to be the ideal place for their lifestyles. Mechanicsburg also features some of the most beautiful homes in all of Central PA. So we’ve decided to scan the real estate market and bring you Our Top 3  Most Beautiful Mechanicsburg homes for sale. 9 Sand Pine Court Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania 17050 List Price: $1,000,000 Cinderella had her castle, Snow White … Read More


Homes for sale in Mechanicsburg PA

Selecting the Ideal Time to Move Up To Your Dream Home In Mechanicsburg Is it time to move up to your dream home in Mechanicsburg, PA? All the numbers seem to be in alignment to indicate this is the ideal moment for many Pennsylvanians to move up and step into their dream homes. So it is time for you to make the move too? Zillow recently predicted that 2015 will be a breakthrough year for first time home buyers. The … Read More


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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania was just named of one America’s most inspiring cities. So what does this mean for locals, Harrisburg new home communities, and US real estate investors? Local 21 News picked up the story in January 2015. The rankings via Printaholic place Harrisburg, PA in the top ten most inspirational cities in the Northeast for artists. This places Harrisburg on par with entrepreneurial Wilmington (DE), Cambridge (MA), Annapolis (MD), and Manhattan (NY). Inspiration is one of the most precious, and … Read More


Snow Storm Home Harrisburg PA

Tips For Protecting Your Property Investments During Severe Weather How can Central PA real estate investors better protect their properties and portfolio performance during severe weather? The big blizzard bombarding the northeast is a fresh reminder of how critical it is for serious PA real estate investors to take nature into account if they want to minimize risk, and maximize returns over the long run. Eight tips for protecting your investments: 1. Make Smarter Acquisitions Clearly some properties and locations … Read More


PA Realtor Saves

How Much Can The Right PA Realtor Really Save You When Selling A Home? Beyond the sales pitches and glossy folders the data shows that some PA Realtors really can prove that they put more money in their clients’ pockets when selling their homes. So just how much are we talking about? Get More for Your Home Central PA based Zito Realty Group has a verifiable track record of selling their clients’ homes for 2% more than the MLS average. … Read More


New Harrisburg Home Decision

Harrisburg Homes for Sale: Existing Houses Vs. New Construction Are new or existing homes for sale in Harrisburg, PA the best choice for buyers today? Harrisburg new home communities can be very alluring to Pennsylvania home buyers. The question is whether they are really worth the asking price, or if existing homes may be the smarter and safer investment, especially for first time home buyers? Harrisburg Celebrated as Leading American City While perhaps underestimated by many, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is garnering … Read More


Mechanicsburg New Townhomes

Spring Rock Court Townhomes, in Mechanicsburg, PA, is located in a prime location in south-central Pennsylvania. Just eight miles from the Capitol of Harrisburg, this is a great location giving you access and the convenience the city has to offer, while enjoying a rural lifestyle. Cumberland County offers highly sought after schools and a central location to both local attractions and national favorites. Add affordable homes starting in the low 200’s and this just might be the perfect location for … Read More


rent waste money

New Central PA Homes For Sale Offer A Safe Haven From Soaring Rents According to Zillow renting became twice as expensive as buying a home as we moved into 2015. So has mortgage lending eased enough for you to take advantage of new homes for sale in Harrisburg, Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg, PA? Can local residents afford not to buy? Renting Becoming Unaffordable in America The latest data from Zillow shows that the minimum hourly wage needed to rent the median … Read More


preparing to sell

After de-cluttering and staging, the third and crucial step before inviting buyers to tour your home is depersonalization. You want to make it easy for buyers to imagine your house as their home. This step can be difficult for some, especially if it’s been a while since your last move, because you might be very used to how your home looks and feels. It’s important that you use objective eyes when trying to depersonalize, and if those aren’t your own, … Read More