Mechanicsburg Curb Appeal

You Only Have 1 Second to Prove It. YES – You’d better believe that CURB APPEAL IS A REALLY BIG DEAL WHEN SELLING YOUR HOME. When prospects drive by to look at your home and don’t like what they see, what do think happens next? NOTHING! You won’t hear from them again. That was your last chance to make a first impression. And you blew it! That was yesterday. In days past you had the luxury of time to allow … Read More


sold house central pa real estate

The Central Pennsylvania real estate market is looking at a healthy and robust spring season. Pending sales are up overall, and buyers are ready to purchase before rates climb. However, if you are trying to sell your home this spring you have some competition with new builders. Today’s homebuyers want to purchase a home that is turnkey and has little to no work that needs to be done. In order to have a home that shows well you’ll need to … Read More


Central PA Real Estate

We are entering into the busiest season of the real estate market. After a long winter there is a lot of pent up Home-Buyer and Home Seller demand each spring. Here’s what you can expect from the real estate market in Central Pennsylvania this spring and some tips on how to navigate the market. 1- Home sales will increase. The start of 2015 has seen an increase in the sales of homes over the first quarter of 2014. Experts agree … Read More



Recently there has been an upswing of affordable housing in Pennsylvania. Because of this, there are many homes and townhomes on the market that appeal to many different budgets and needs. However, choosing from the bounty of Pennsylvania real estate can be difficult especially when you can’t decide between the townhomes and single family homes. While similar in many respects, there are quite a few differences between the two that you should make note of in order to find the … Read More


choosing the right real estate agent

There’s a good chance you know at least one real estate agent already. Probably someone in your neighborhood, in your church or right there in your own family. Do you want to hire this person to sell your house? Probably not. When you think about it, you’ll be having some serious conversations with this person. You’ll need someone that you can disagree with and not feel bad about it. And don’t forget, you’ll be sharing some pretty intimate financial information … Read More


Homeownership in Central PA

The homeownership rate in Pennsylvania has been steadily declining since 2004. According to the US Census Bureau, the homeownership rate for Pennsylvania dropped below 70% last year. This is the lowest it has been in 30 years, the last time the rate fell below 70% was in 1984. The rate of homeownership was 69.4% in Pennsylvania in 2014, which was higher than the national average of 64.5%. In addition to lower rates of homeownership, homeowner vacancy rates increased from 1.8% … Read More


How To find the right contractor

Adding new features and decorations to your new home can be exciting. However, choosing the wrong contractor could turn your fun real-estate project into a frustrating nightmare. Whether you’re a new homeowner or a veteran who’s a little rusty, here are a few tips you can use to select the right person for your renovation job. Seek Out Referrals Satisfied customers are a great indicator of a company’s abilities. Talk to other homeowners, real-estate agents, your landlord, or anyone else … Read More


buying and selling a central pa home

When you bought that small 940 square foot starter home 6 years ago, you thought you had died and gone to heaven. A Central PA home of your own, no more landlords and, if you want to paint an accent wall in the dining room, you can. But that was 6 years ago. Things are a little different now, not the least of which is little Jessica. She’s three now and you’d like for her to have her own room. … Read More


Cumberland Valley Homes

Cumberland Valley School District Homes Cumberland Valley School District area homes for sale offer parents confidence in getting their children into great schools and educational programs, while enjoying some of the most attractive new homes and family neighborhoods in Central PA. So what makes the Cumberland Valley School District so popular? What types of homes for sale are available, and when is the optimal time to stop renting or sell a home elsewhere and upgrade your children’s education and potential? … Read More


Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania is the perfect place to start a family. From its safe streets, to its affordable properties, Mechanicsburg offers everything you should look for in a forever home. But with all of the housing options made available to you via popular real estate websites and housing boards like Craigslist, it is easy to get overwhelmed and suffer from paralysis by analysis. If you are stuck on where to begin your house hunt, this article lists some great real estate … Read More