6 easy ways to spruce up your kitchen

Home buyers making memories in the kitchen

For most people, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s a place where traditions are passed on, memories are made, and the special occasions of our lives are celebrated through the tastes, textures, and aromas we create.

As a hub of activity for the entire family, it’s important to keep your kitchen clean, functional, and attractive, even if a total renovation isn’t in your budget. Here are some ideas to easily spruce it up.

#1: Creative Cabinetry

Cabinets set the tone for your entire kitchen décor. Until you have the time and money to get it replaced or refaced, you can liven up what you have, which will modernize your whole kitchen.

Painting is a great way to lighten up dark cabinets, and update old-fashioned finishes. It does require a little elbow grease, time, and effort, but it will transform your kitchen and save you thousands of dollars.

If you want to create some visual space in your kitchen but don’t have the budget for glass doors, trying removing the doors from top cabinets. You can paint the inside of your cabinets white for an ultra-modern and airy feel, or try trendy designer shelving paper to make a bold statement.

To add drama and elegance to any kitchen, install decorative crown molding to the top of your upper cabinets.

If nothing else, give your existing cabinets new life with a good scrubbing and de-greasing, new shelving paper, and some stylish new knobs and pulls.

#2: Accessories 101

Liven up those essentials in your kitchen that are both decorative and functional. Change up the aesthetic in your kitchen by tossing those ragged old dish towels, replacing them with vibrantly-colored new ones. Carry that color scheme throughout your kitchen with new utensils fashionably arranged in color-coordinated containers on your counter.

You don’t need to break the bank to get creative with new window treatments. Try vertical blinds, roman curtains – even awnings or sheers that let the light shine through. Check out these creative options under $25.

Maybe it’s time to replace broken and chipped plates and that mishmash of unmatched glasses in your cabinets. Splurging on beautiful new dishes and glassware will streamline your cabinets and give any meal a stylish boost.

#3: Island Style

You can add a temporary island for style and functionality. These islands can go anywhere in your kitchen, and range from solid stationery pieces ofKitchen Island furniture with seating, to rolling options for extra storage and counterspace. You can also repurpose other furniture pieces to use as kitchen islands such as an old cabinet, a sofa table, a server, or even a narrow pub table with or without bar stools.

#4: Countertop Rescue

Ugly or dated countertops are hard to live with, but there are a few ways you can make them look better.

First, de-clutter. Invest in some good drawer organizers so you can streamline your counters as much as possible. Another great way to keep your counters organized and tidy is with an appliance “garage”, which essentially hides your small appliances from view when they’re not in use. Appliance garages come in all styles, shapes and sizes.

Slabs of butcherblock will hide worn or damaged sections of your counters beautifully, while adding functionality to those areas.

You can try painting your countertops to transform them, even going for a granite or stone look. Use this step-by-step guide to try it yourself, or check out these other countertop resurfacing ideas.


#5: Floor Fix-ups

Quick fixes on flooring can be a little tricky, especially if they are damaged or uneven. However, there are a few things you can try before totally replacing them.

For the simplest solution, give your existing floors a deep cleaning and waxing, and finish off with a colorful, oversized area rug that accents your existing color palette.

If you have worn out wood floors, try giving them a boost with one of many products available designed to restore wood flooring. If that doesn’t do the trick, try sanding them with a professional-grade orbital sander, and re-staining. Several top coats of high-gloss polyurethane will mask a multitude of errors.

If these solutions don’t work, or you have linoleum or vinyl flooring, you can always paint your floor. It’s relatively straight-forward work, and you can really get creative, or just go with a basic color. Picking the right paint and preparation are key, so make sure you do your homework.

If you want a more permanent upgrade with a relatively minor investment, consider floating wood laminate flooring. This can often be laid down right on top of existing floors. It’s an easy day’s work for an experienced contractor, or here’s a great DIY guide. You can frequently find great deals on brands or styles being phased out at the big DIY stores.

With a minimal investment of creativity, time, and money, you can breathe new life into your kitchen and give your whole family a lifestyle boost.

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