5 Tips to Make Your Open House Successful

Open-House PAMany people are starting to doubt whether or not they should have an open house while trying to sell their home. Most feel like it is a dated practice that has been made obsolete by the internet. However, research shows that open houses are still just as effective in selling a house. More than 45 percent of home buyers ages 25-64 attended open houses while looking to buy a house. 50 percent of new homebuyers used open houses as an information source and 92 percent of buyers thought open houses were a useful part of their home search. Here are 5 tips to make your open house successful.

Make Your House Showroom Ready

People should step into your house and feel like they’ve walked into a magazine. Make sure no details have been left out. Paint your walls with a fresh neutral palette. Eliminate any odors from the home and maximize the cleanliness and storage in your property.

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Advertise Effectively

Be sure to have your agent advertise your open house on all channels possible. Utilize technology by turning to various real estate listing sites and social media channels. Don’t stray away from more traditional types of advertising such as open house signs posted and take advantage of word of mouth marketing.

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Don’t Turn Neighbors Away

Even though most people feel like neighbors are just being nosy while walking through your house. They are actually a big asset to your home sale. They will have an insider account of what it’s like to live in your neighborhood and will recommend your house to various friends and family members who are looking to buy a home.

Be Absent From the House

Not only should you and your family be physically away from the house during an open house. But you should not have any identifying objects in your home either. Remove all personal photos and mementos from your home before listing it. This will give buyers the opportunity to envision themselves living in the home rather than seeing candid family photos.

Choose a Time With Less Competition

The standard time for an open house is between the hours of 1 and 4pm. Try a slightly unconventional time between 3 and 6pm. This is still in the afternoon and before dinner, but you may get more traffic as people who were viewing other open houses still have time to come around to yours.

Utilizing these tips will help you to get your home before the eyes of many potential buyers. Marketing your home is always a smart thing to do when selling your house and it does not cost you anything extra. You may find yourself in the situation of receiving multiple offers after a successful open house.

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